I chose to try and interview one of my favourite illustrators, Jeremyville. Jeremyville is based in Sydney, and has a studio there and in NYC. I could've set my goal lower and interviewed some one I had really no idea about and no admiration for but decided that I would potentially get more out of interviewing someone who's work I admired. While I didn't get an interview how I wanted, I did get an interview for a magazine that he had just finished writing, prior to publication. I initially wanted to set up a Skype interview of sorts and got in touch with him. Sadly he had a lot of work on and was unavailable to talk to me via Skype. I did manage to ask some questions that were not included in the interview that was sent to me. Both of these were helpful and while I wasn't the one that asked the questions, the questions I wanted to ask were there.

The interview gave me an insight how an illustrator would work and I will find it personally, very helpful to develop. Here is the correspondence I got, except for the interview. I'm not sure if I can show that due to copyright. I don't know who holds the rights to it and i don't know which magazine published it for permission. So just to be safe, ill leave it out for now.

- hey jeremy,
your probably busy but i have a project coming up for university where i have to interview a professional illustrator/artist about professional practice and inspiration etc. just wondering if you could possibly help me with this and maybe set up an interview via skype or something as i think i would get more from interviewing an artist i really respect. cheers

- hey Dan, I'm actually really slammed with some overdue projects right now, BUT I just finished this interview for a mag, does it help?? it all recent stuff, as of like 1 hour ago!

hope it helps? thnx so much for asking me, I think this interview would cover some of your questions?



- Thanks jeremy, this will help a great deal! sorry to ask but could i just ask you another question? basically just wondering on salary or just generally how much you can make on a project? and any tips for getting noticed and being successful?
thanks for your time and hope the upcoming projects go well!

- hey Daniel, no worries

I can't answer the budget question, but on being noticed, the best way is to create as unique a voice as possible, which still can resonate with a large audience. the best way to go about this is to start drawing all the time, and it will evolve naturally in the course of the process, it can't be forced, and there is no short cut to success.


- thanks jeremy this will help me alot! thanks for getting back to me!
All the best,

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