Drawing: Imaginary Artifact

The voice of Jah. The voice of Jah, is a shrunken head, from the island of jamaica. supposedly if you are a rasta and you put your ear close to the horn, you can hear Jah, the sun god of rastafari.

Posca Pen on Paper.

Drawing: Imagination

Drawings from Imaginationland, inspired by Hip Hop and Dinosaurs.
Posca Pens on Paper.

Drawing: Conversations

Ink on paper.

Ink, Coloured on Photoshop.

Ink, Coloured on Photoshop

Danzahoare Animation

Another idea for website intro page animation. Rotoscope.

Website animation

First foray into flash based animation. idea for intro video for personal website

Penguin Books Dust Jackets for great 20th century male author's.