Shook Ones Pt2

Been a while since i posted. Heres a piece i just finished that is influenced by mobb deep's shook ones pt 2.
Tried to focus in on the idea of hollowness and despair, which you instantly feel when you here havoc's production on the joint. 

Digital Painting


Digital Painting

Here is the front cover Artwork for Funky DL's upcoming album Blackcurrent Jazz 2. If you like smooth jazz beats thoughtful lyrics then this is for you. I designed all the packaging for the release. Cop it when it is released 20th July 2011 on CD, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and other major digital distributors. NOT LONG NOW!!!!!!!


Title says it all really.... will post a higher res-image closer to the release date of July 20th.


Show Peices

Whats good? thought i would share my show work to those that are unable to attend the show. ill post up some pics of the venue on weds so you can see my work in context.
Digital Painting

Here is my plaque that accompanies my work to help explain it.

"They all got a sales pitch I ain’t buyin’ 

They tryin’ to convince me that I ain’t tryin’. 

We uninspired .

We unadmired.
(How I Got Over- The Roots)

My work is inspired by Hip Hop culture and my body of work attempts to subtly exploit the constraints that the culture has been put under in the last ten years mostly due to commercialism, consumerism and lack of creative control. When the audience engages with my work, I want them to become connected to Hip Hop and piece together its origins and also to raise questions about how the music industry operates. Are the negative attachments Hip Hop has; a product of the performing artists or is it a product of record labels’ attempting to create the illusion of exoticism to generate more money?
There’s more to hip hop culture then the façade of violence, misogyny, crime and bling. Its rich, diverse and when you look deep enough, an unparalleled outlet of creativity."

If you wanna find out more about Hip Hop and the music industry read Where Your At: Notes from a Hip Hop Planet By Patrick Neate and also watch Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes (2006) Byron Hurt.

Illustration Degree Show

So the show has finally had its opening night which was a success, very busy and copious amounts of alcohol was consumed. That said, if you haven't been and peeped it yet then you better had. Its only there for one more week.

If you so happen to stumble into the show on Tuesday 21st June, i will be there in person and can explain my work, if you care about that...

Further details can be found here


Gouache, ink and Screen Print.

Happy Birthday Jay Dee

I finally got round to color this pic of the late great Dilla, the most influential beat-maker to ever do it.